The Open Lesson In Biology

On November 23, 11F, 11 DT and 11 LP of the “History of the Development of Genetics.” Groups are planned in biological disciplines. G. Mendel, his works. The purpose of the lesson: an explanation of the history of genetics for students. Acquaintance with the works of Mendel. The lesson began with the organization. Then the psychological climate was created through the “rule”. Students were divided into columns with colored paper. The lesson was conducted using different techniques. They include: WERER, Edward de Bono method, Giggs, blended learning and more. The Swing Station method was used to clarify the subject. During this process, students prepare assignments. And after a while the teacher replaces the tasks, and the students continue the tasks of the other group. In addition, Kahoot was included in the online network to take stock of the lesson. This system has been tested on the topic. And after each assignment, the students gave each other feedback using the “basbarma”, “sindrific” methods. Each job has relevant criteria. The reflection through the success tree was completed, and the students rated themselves through the evaluation sheet.