1. General Provisions
1.1. The internal regulations of the students of the Partnership with the limited liability “Republican Medical Academy” (hereinafter, LLP “RMA”) should contribute to fostering a conscious attitude to the educational process, strengthening academic discipline, rational use of study time, increase academic performance. 
1.2 The academic discipline is based on the conscious and conscientious fulfillment by students of their academic duties. 
1.3 The academic discipline is ensured by persuasive methods eniya. Disciplinary and public actions are taken against violators of discipline. 
2. Rights and duties of students 
2.1 A student is a person enrolled in an education by order of the director of RMA LLP. 
2.2 The student is the main subject of the educational process at RMA LLP. 
2.3 Rights and duties of students are determined by the Charter of RMA LLP and these Internal Regulations (hereinafter, the Rules) .
2.4 Students of RMA LLP are issued a student card and record book, which, after termination of RMA LLP, are handed over to chast.
2.5 For achievements in the development of educational programs, and other experimental work for the LP “PMA” establish various forms of moral and material incentives. 
2.7 Students have the right to: 
  • receive education in accordance with state educational standards of education, elect and be elected to self-government bodies, participate in solving important issues of RMA LLP activities, join the primary trade union organization and be elected to elected trade union bodies, delegates to trade union conferences, congresses; 
  • free use for educational purposes of the premises and equipment of classrooms, laboratories, classrooms, libraries and other departments of the LLP RMA “; 
  • choose a specialization of training within the curriculum; attend additional classes and electives; take part in the research, experimental, creative activity of RMA LLP; 
  • appeal against the orders and orders of the RMA LLP administration in the manner prescribed by law; 
  • have a deferment of conscription for urgent military service in the manner prescribed by law, for academic leave in accordance with the Rules for granting academic leave to students in educational institutions, for rehabilitation and transfer from one educational institution to another, from one specialty to another or from one form of education to another in the manner established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the Rules for transfer and rehabilitation of students by type of educational organizations; 
  • participate in the work of the creative teams of RMA LLP; 
  • take part in the work of the clubs; 
  • participate in all the activities of RMA LLP; 
  • students also have all other rights defined by law 
2.8 Students at RMA LLP must: 
  • systematically and deeply master professional knowledge, practical skills and abilities in their chosen specialty, perform all types of tasks in accordance with the curriculum and training programs in a timely manner, be disciplined, comply with the Charter of RMA LLP , these Rules;
  • constantly strive to improve the general culture, moral and physical improvement; respect the dignity of the employees of RMA LLP; 
  • cultivate diligence in themselves, actively participate in service at LLP “RMA” and at practice bases, observe the established mode of operation, attend training sessions, attend classes 10 minutes before the start of classes, take part in duty at RMA LLP and maintain discipline, participate in socially useful work; protect and strengthen the property of LLP “RMA”;
  • intolerantly treat any antisocial manifestations, participate in the public life of the team, maintain the authority and reputation of their future profession; 
  • show kindness, mercy, compassion for people, preventing l manifestation of rudeness, vulgarity, cruelty, when a teacher enters the audience to greet him, getting up from his seat, during class time, listen attentively to the instructors’ explanations and answers of his comrades, not to talk and not engage in extraneous matters, follow all instructions of the teacher; 
  • and sit down with the permission of the teacher; 
  • a student can enter and leave during the classroom only with the permission of the teacher; 
  • during classes in laboratories, clinics, classrooms and during  the student’s practice, the student should use only the tools, instruments and other aids indicated by the class leader, treat them carefully and follow the safety rules;
  • regardless of the reason for not having a class, the student must fill in the knowledge gaps;
  • if he does not attend classes due to illness or other respectful reasons, the student must within three days inform the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, the Head of the Department or the classroom;
  • in the event of illness, the student must submit a certificate from the treatment-and-prophylactic organization in the prescribed form;
  • in the case of missing classes for a disrespectful reason, the student is obliged to eliminate gaps in knowledge by attending additional classes and consultations in accordance with the Regulations on the provision of paid educational services.
  • To create a business atmosphere during the educational process and adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards, cultivate aesthetic taste, culture of clothes, instill love and respect for the medical profession, eliminate signs of social, property and religious differences between students, prevent the occurrence of psychological discomfort in front of peers in accordance with clause 15 -1 of Article 47 “Rights, duties and responsibilities of students and pupils” of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” to comply with uniform requirements for appearance established in college – a uniform appropriate to the employee of the medical organization (white coat, cap, removable shoes):
  • – medical gown (clean, well ironed, carefully buttoned up to all buttons and no longer than the knees, the length of the gown sleeve varies from elbow to wrist) completely covering clothes;
  • -medical cap;
  • – replaceable footwear on a meson;
  • -at the classroom, the hair should be carefully collected (loose long hair is not allowed);
  • – nails trimmed (do not use nail polish);
  • – a sports uniform for practicing physical education classes (T-shirt, sports shorts, sweatpants, tracksuit, sneakers, or sneakers) should be appropriate for the weather and place of physical education.
2.9 In each group, by the order of the director, an elder of the group from among the most successful and disciplined students is appointed for the academic year.
2.10 The head of the group works under the guidance of the class teacher.
2.11 The duties of the head of the group include maintaining discipline in the group, timely receiving and distributing textbooks and teaching aids among students, and assisting the class teacher in organizing and conducting public events.
2.12 The head of the group assigns a duty officer for the group for each day in order. The group duty officer is obliged to keep order, safety of property and compliance with the sanitary and hygienic regime, to carry out wet cleaning in classrooms and laboratories after classes, to provide the necessary auxiliary materials and visual aids to the beginning of classes, to hand them over after classes to the head of the office or laboratory assistant.
2.13 Students in RMA LLP are prohibited from:
  • transfer student ID to another person;
  • smoke in the premises of “RMA” LLP., in the territory adjacent to the building of the educational building;
  • drink alcoholic beverages, take narcotic and toxic drugs, and also distribute them;
  • use chewing gum during training sessions;
  • arbitrarily take and make educational magazines out of classrooms;
  • be on the floors of LLP “RMA” and go into the offices and laboratories during classes in outerwear and headdresses;
  • express obscene language.
3. Promotion of academic excellence.
 3.1 For high academic performance and active participation in public work for students, various types of moral and material remuneration are established:
  • announcement of gratitude;
  • award of a certificate of honor;
  • rewarding a valuable gift.
4. Recovery for violations of academic and labor discipline
 4.1 For the violation of academic and labor discipline, the Charter of RMA LLP, these Rules, the following disciplinary sanctions may be applied to students:
  • warning (made orally by the teacher, class teacher, administration);
  • Remark (announced in writing);
  • rebuke;
  • severe reprimand with a warning about his expulsion from the educational institution in the event of a repeated gross violation of the College Charter.